Jewelry is the one assessor that can make any outfit pop. Something about the sparkle and shine makes your whole look stand out like a Christmas tree. There are a lot of brands out there with top-rated jewelry ready to be sold out at any moment. However, there some things you need to consider before you make any purchase.

And that includes the value and quality of a certain piece. If you’re spending your hard-earned money on something, it should certainly be worth it. That’s why we’re here to enlighten you on different ways to measure the quality of jewelry. This way the investment that you’ll be making, will last quite a long time. Some major tips to effectively measure the quality of silver and gemstone jewelry are mentioned below wholesale bangle:

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How to measure the quality of gemstone wholesale bangle:

For those who can’t get enough gemstone jewelry, here are a few helpful tips to ensure you’re getting the real thing. By learning how to recognize what is authentic and not fake, there will be no need for buyer’s remorse over your purchase wholesale bangle!

Identify gemstone cuts

to identify the major cuts, understand the types of cuts below: Checkboard cut: a gemstone is shaped into a variety of square boxes and spaces to form a checkboard effect when in light. Mostly found in Topaz, garnets, citrines, etc. Cabochon Cut: The cut is like a rounded top and flat bottom.Rose-cut: A form of cabochon cut where the flat facets are polished over the curvy shape of the cabochon cut. Brilliant cut: cut the gem into two cones facing each other wholesale bangle.

1.Check any blemishes

Perfect gems have no blemishes. But any flaw in colored stones can be easily hidden by the color of the stone in question. However, it varies from stone to stone on what constitutes perfection. For example, emerald jewelry does not lose its value because of flaws in the formation process. Even a most valuable emerald could contain imperfections wholesale bangle.

2.Has the gem gone through a process

The value of any stone depends upon its natural beauty. However, there is jewelry that undergoes an artificial treatment that does enhance certain aspects such as clarity level and color quality. This should never interfere with what makes these objects valuable enough: our demand for the very best. Due to this reason alone, many gemstones with no artificial interference have high prices than artificial ones wholesale bangle.


The only way to determine transparency is by judging the light that passes through the stone. To do that, you just need to know what type of material it’s made from and if there are any defects or impurities present wholesale bangle!

4.Buy from a reliable source:

Gemstones are quite precious and are usually on the pricier side. Make sure that you’re purchasing the pieces from a very credible source. Find a jeweler that can provide you top-notch jewelry that has the high quality to last a lifetime wholesale bangle!

How to measure the quality of silver

Silver is a precious metal that when taken care of will last an entire lifetime. It can be found in abundance and used to make all sorts of things such as jewelry, flatware, or other durable items. Whether you buy silver earrings for your girlfriends’ birthday present or a ring made with sterling from copper it’s important if the jewelry has been authenticated by checking whether it’s real silver – otherwise, it may tarnish and discolor quickly over time making them unusable wholesale bangle!

1.Look for the label:

The first thing to do when you come across a silver is to look for the label. There’s a small inscription on it that might say “ster” or “sterling”. This means that the silver is 92.5% silver. The jewelry might also have an inscription of “IS” which means the product is an internationally silver or silver plated wholesale bangle.

2.Ice cube test:

An ice cube test is the easiest way to determine the quality of silver. However, it can only be tested upon flat-surfaced silver. Place an ice cube over the flat surface of silver and watch for the ice to melt. If it melts quickly then the jewelry piece is real wholesale bangle.

3.Weight test:

Pure silver has a dense and cool texture that is a major giveaway for many pieces. It has a certain shine that can tell you about its purity. If the silver weighs less then it is mixed with alloys rather than being sterling silver wholesale bangle.

4.Ring test:

As the name suggests, the ring test is performed by rubbing two silvers or silver with metal together. If the silver makes a ringing sound while rubbing then it is certainly pure and real. And if it makes a dull thudding sound then it isn’t what you were hoping it to be wholesale bangle.

5.Bleach test:

This is a test where you place a drop of bleach on the alleged silver and wait for it to tarnish. If the silver changes its color and oxidizes then it is pure silver and if it doesn’t then it isn’t.


If you’re looking to buy jewelry, it’s important to know how the quality of a piece can be judged. There are many ways that jewelers measure and assess the value of a diamond, gemstone, or other types of precious metal used in their designs including carat weight, cut shape, and color. First-time buyers may find this process challenging, but don’t worry!

We have an easy way for you to learn about these factors so you’re confident in your purchase decision. We have all the tips that can help you in identifying the quality of both silver and gemstone jewelry. Let us know what questions come up as we take things one step at a time through our blog post on “How To Effectively Measure Jewelry Quality wholesale bangle.”

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