The Resplendence Of Sterling Silver Rings

If you are someone who owns a Sterling silver ring then you know exactly how beautiful these rings are. They are graceful beauty and their magnificent sparkle. Plain sterling silver or one full of diamonds and gems, they are all simply resplendent. If properly cared for and cleaned, the sterling silver rings remain this way for quite a long time. So much so that they might even be passed along through generations.

Sterling silver rings are something to be worn daily and also on special occasions depending on their design and the sentimentality one has towards them. But in any case, you must make sure that your sterling silver ring is clean at all costs.

The Care And Cleaning Of Sterling Silver Rings

The care and cleaning of sterling silver rings are important. If you do not then your precious ring will soon be a victim to rust, dust, and abrasions. If you don’t wear them often they might also be blackened and lose their previous shine.

The first step in caring for your sterling silver ring or any jewelry is to wear it as often as possible. The next step is to make sure that the ring is being properly cleaned. Here are some ways that you can make sure of that.

Top Ways Of Keeping Your Sterling Silver Ring Clean


Sterling Silver Rings

  • Olive Oil And Lemon

Of the first methods of perfectly cleaning your sterling silver ring is the olive oil and lemon process. All you have to do is get a clean non-reactive bowl, a non-abrasive cloth, a little oil, and lemon. Take a tablespoon of olive oil, half a cup of lemon juice and mix it up in the bowl. Put your sterling silver ring in the bowl and begin cleaning it with the non-abrasive cloth. After 5 minutes take it out and dry it with a soft cotton cloth. You’ll find a marked improvement in the visage of the ring.


Sterling Silver Rings

  • Silver Cleanse

Next on the list of possible ways to clean your sterling silver rings is by the use of a silver cleanser. Ask any professional and buy the perfect silver cleanser. Mind you when you set about cleaning your little sterling silver ring, make sure not to use more than a drop of the solution. After all, too much of a good thing can be quite harmful as well. When cleaning your sterling silver rings with the cleanser make sure to use cotton swabs to reach the little places on the ring. This is the only way to thoroughly make sure that your ring is clean and ready for further wear. 


Sterling Silver Rings

  • Lemon And Salt

Giving your ring a lemon and salt bath is also something you can do. Get some hot water, pour a mixture of lemon and a tablespoon of salt in it. Let your sterling silver ring

rest inside the mixture for at least 5 minutes. After the 5 minutes are up to take the ring out. Use a non-abrasive cloth to pat the ring dry. You will find in your hands a perfectly clean sterling silver ring. This process although not often used works quite a lot of wonders. Give it a try and you certainly won’t be regretful. 


Sterling Silver Rings

  • Baking Soda And Aluminium

Take a non-reactive soup bowl and wrap it in aluminum foil while also boiling some water on the stove. Pour the water into the bowl, add a tablespoon of baking soda into it and watch the mixture bubble. When you see the mixture bubble place your sterling silver rings inside it. Make sure that your sterling silver ring is touching the aluminum foil as this is the most crucial part of this particular cleaning process. If the tarnish of the ring is minimum, leave the ring in the bowl for 2-5 minutes.

If the tarnish on the ring is horrendous then leave it in for 10 minutes. After the allotted time is up, remove the ring from the bowl with a pair of kitchen tongs, let it rest a little and then clean and pat the ring dry with a non-abrasive cotton cloth. 

Sterling Silver Rings


  • Toothpaste and Coca Cola

The toothpaste and coco-cola method of cleaning your sterling silver rings are a method that is not often used. If it is then it is only used to remove minor tarnishes to your ring and not major ones. All you have to do is either drench your ring in coca-cola or cover it in toothpaste and then gently rub it in with a non-abrasive cloth. After this is done, clean it water and then pat the ring dry with a cotton cloth. Any minor tarnish that might be present on the ring will be effectively dealt with.

Sterling Silver Rings


  • Professional Jeweler 

Although each and every one of the above-stated methods are the best things you could do to take care of cleaning your sterling silver ring at home. Nevertheless, not one of these methods is better than taking your sterling silver ring to a professional jeweler. An amateur can not do what a professional can.

 In this scenario, a professional will know how to properly clean your ring without any form of hassle or mismanagement. It is the best thing that you could do in regards to your ring. 

Now That You Have All The Information You Need…

You have all the information that you might need regarding keeping your sterling silver rings clean. So now armed with the knowledge go forth with the efforts of maintaining your ring. After all, a dirty ring is not something anyone would want to wear in public. Give your ring and your self the respect that is deserved. Keep the ring clean with any one of these methods that you find most easy.

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