The term ‘ring’ refers to the jewelry ornaments worn on the fingers, which enhance the beauty of the hands. The rings in past have been made up of stones, wood, bone, glass, and metals. However, now they are usually made up of only metals like gold, silver, platinum. Nowadays Silver rings are in demand. As silver is one of the most precious metals used in making up some durable and affordable jewelry pieces.

Why are silver rings important?

Rings play a very crucial role in the life of a human, especially in a women’s’ life. It is not just an accessory to decorate your fingers, but also holds great traditional and emotional values. It would not be wrong to say that rings are the perfect symbol of love, emotion, connection, promise, or a relationship. Rings have numerous types of designs, each type representing its significance. Rings are majorly used for special occasions like engagements, weddings, baby showers, birth, or anniversary. Apart from this, they are also worn simply as a fashion accessory as well on various occasions.

So, before you have to pick a perfect ring for any of your special occasions or simply for your jewelry collection, you should know the top 10 silver ring designs for women that are in trend these days.


Design#1-Minimilistic plain band:

We often come across the phrase ‘less is more’ which implies; simpler is prettier. A plain silver ring which is a simple band perfectly explains the phrase. This ring can for sure become the most favorite jewelry piece for the ones who love minimalism. The best part about this design is that it can go with every outfit, and can be worn everywhere. In other words, it can be your safe option. So, if you are looking for something decent and classic there cannot be an any better option than this plain silver band ring.

silver ring

Design#2-Silver ring with pearl:

Pearls are unique gemstones as they are found in the depths of the sea. They have been in style since, ancient times and are always in style. Different societies have different symbolic meanings for pearls. However, it is commonly used as a symbol of peace. Wearing a silver pearl ring crafted with perfection will enhance the calmness of your personality.


Design#3-Bloomed flower silver ring:

Nature has immense details, which is why it is used as inspiration by the designers to design silver rings. Flower motifs are one of the most commonly worn designs, especially by women. A bloomed flower with interconnected petals spreading outwards is not just a metaphor for beauty, but also looks magnificent when it’s worn. So, if you are a nature loving person or you love the intricacy and details of nature than the bloomed flower silver ring Wholesale sterling Jewelry is the right option for you to buy.


Design#4-Silver diamond ring:

An elegant diamond ring is always cherished and seen as a pricey possession. Not just because of its price, but also because diamond is considered a true representation of love and commitment. Therefore, diamond rings are the topmost priority of every woman when it comes to buying the rings. That is why Silver diamond rings can be one of the best options for you if you want to buy a ring. Since it is suitable for all your special occasions as well as a very elegant and popular addition to your style statement.

silver ring

Design#5-Silver bow ring:

Bow motif first appeared in jewelry in the 17th century in a French royal court. It is considered a classic and feminine design. Bow motifs have always been in trend and never seem to get old. That is why there is a guarantee that they will not become out of trend any time soon. Plus, if you want to enhance your feminine qualities, silver rings with bow motifs can be the right choice for you to buy.


Design#6-Basic silver heart ring:

The shape heart speaks for itself. A simple heart shaped silver ring is the prettiest way to express your love for someone or even to express self-love. This design can be just the right gift for someone special, that special can be you as well.

silver ring

Design#7-Triple band silver ring:

Triple band silver rings have three layers finely twisted and intermingled with each other. You have two options; either you can have a plain triple band ring or you can have the central band embedded with diamonds. If you want to stand out at an evening party or a fancy dinner then there is no better option than this design.


Design#8-Silver rings with gems:

If you have a thing for gemstones and like to wear them as your jewelry pieces, then silver rings and gemstones are like a match made in heaven. The colors of the gemstones complement the shine of the silver. Plus, by wearing this outstanding combination you can easily flaunt gemstones on your fingers.


Design#9-Crown silver ring for women:

The crown designed silver ring is inspired by the Victorian era. Wearing such rings that are shaped like a crown, accompanied by the shine of silver will make you feel special. Indeed, like a queen! It is good to treat ones’ self once in a while and this ring can be just the right gift from you to yourself.


Design#10-Vintage silver ring:

The word vintage refers to something old. These are usually designs inspired from multiple eras like Victorian, Art deco, and Edwardian. They have intricate details featuring ribbons, vines, and floral motifs. Along with this, there are embedded beads, diamonds, and gemstones. These delicate designs are most likely to stand out in silver metals. Silver being a malleable nature, it is easy to achieve the fine details required to make eye-catchy vintage rings. With a perfect combination of past and present a vintage wholesale silver ring can be a good element adding up to your wedding look.

Final verdict:

Whether you are young or old, rings are the most crucial accessory. The above mentioned top 10 silver ring designs for women will help you buy the best ring.


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