Welcome to the second part of ‘Seven mini-trends Silver Brooch that so fashionable you should consider hopping on board!’ series. In this series of articles, we want to you know how the so-called “mini-trend” can be really awesome. If you have missed these trends out, now it’s your chance to hop on the fad train! Let’s continue!


Fashion Trends Silver brooch

           Protecting our eyes in summer is essential in summer. Sunglasses are essential during the day, either on the beach or in the city. That’s why another trend is the XL or even XXL sunglasses. Sunglasses that stand out and become the protagonists of your look. They take a lot of the screen type, similar to those of skiing, with which you will cause a sensation on the beach. It’s an essential summer accessory that will change your entire look.

Silver Brooch

Sport style

           One more year the sporty style is worn in summer for everything. Not only are these garments used for sports, but they can even be worn for a night out. This summer sports your cycling t-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts, visible socks, or sports without any complex.

           Visible socks are also a trend this season and should not be hidden in any look. And of course, go out to dinner with those trendy sneakers and that long skirt that you bought to wear on summer evenings. Do not give up being comfortable, especially if you will be with your latest sports.


 Mix to succeed with mini-trends

           If something takes this summer is to combine fabrics, prints, accessories, or designs. It takes a lot the so-called “mix & match “a way to combine all kinds of garments and accessories. You can even combine all the garments with the vests, Wholesale Sterling Jewelry a garment that was already in fashion in the 70s and that returns with great force: T-Shirts, long-sleeved shirts, strapless dresses, jeans or any long skirt.

           Mixes of garments that can also be carried with natural bags of raffia, straw or esparto, jute that will combine with any of your summer looks or with the famous ‘mini bags’ that are another trend on Instagram this year. Even with flat sandals with straps that can be combined with any set or summer mix.


Silver Brooch

 Natural motives in garments and jewelry

           Finally, they take a lot of natural motifs in the prints: flowers, leaves, branches, or different animals, even in jewelry that incorporates motifs like shells, butterflies, or stars. For example, in Silver Spell, we have this first-grade silver pendant in a five-pointed star with hearts and stars inside. A handmade piece that you will love.

           Mixing and combining are in short the mini-trends of this summer in which we can enjoy diversity, creativity, and originality in fashion and accessories. You sign up?


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