You might see your closet every day and think about giving some stuff away because you don’t use them anymore or maybe you don’t know how to style them. But something very important you must keep in mind is that sterling silver 925 jewelry can make your dress look stunning. Jewelry just changes the look of your outfit. Nowadays pendants are very trendy.

You need to know that pendants play a very important role for you when you meet someone or casually going out. silver 925 pendants  It is something a person notices at a first glance because it is prominent. Read on because this is a complete


Guide on styling your silver 925 pendants with different dresses.


Simplicity is the key

Keep in mind that keeping it to the minimum will make your life easier. Just a simple cute little pendant with the chain of your choice will look classic. You don’t need to worry that it will look boring. Make sure that you match the color of the pendant with your outfit. It shouldn’t be out of the blue. 

It also depends on what outfit are you wearing. If you are wearing a multicolored shirt that has many patterns with different color variations then a funky pendant with a simple chain will match.


silver 925 pendants

You must keep in mind the type of chain as well as the color. A simple pendant with just a stone goes with a thin sterling silver 925 chain. Sometimes the pendant itself is very simple that you have to play around with the chain. The chain can be shiny or twisted. Just be sure that you match your pendant color with the dress you are wearing. Not exactly the color but at least in contrast to the colors of the dress. 


Style it up

Whether you are going to a ball party at your college or a wedding you need to just dress up the best and look outstanding. Don’t forget to complete your look with sterling silver 925 jewelry. Because it is the jewelry that makes you look different from others. Now a pendant with a beautiful chain isn’t something that you wear every day.

Therefore, if you have been waiting for it to wear then the time has come. Take out all your pendants, silver 925 pendants match them with the dress you are wearing on the occasion and glow through the event. A pendant makes you feel who you are and what are your passions. 


If you are going to an art show then you must consider wearing something that has an abstract on the design of the pendant. It represents how you are passionate about art. Or wear a pendant according to the dress you are wearing. It can match with a set of pearls or even precious diamonds.


Sterling silver 925 pendants express the way you style yourself and how you complete your look. The pendant itself is very attractive and eye-catchy. People tend to notice by themselves. 


silver 925 pendants

Professional wear 

Sometimes you buy jewelry that you feel is very sparkly and can only be worn with fancy clothes. This is not true! You are the one who decides what looks best on you. Professional clothes are usually plain and formal. If you add in a decent sterling silver 925 pendant alone with your choice of chain. It will look very classy. wholesale pendant You’ll be one of the women who keep yourself up to date in today’s trendy world. 


In an office, you are presenting yourself to others. Sometimes clients visit your company and you have to express your way. The first impression of them is your dressing. And then about you. So, in short, the way you carry yourself. Others see you that way. Wholesale Sterling JewelryJust remembers to match the colors of the pendants with an outfit you will be wearing. 


Old is gold

Wearing your grandmother’s pendant is a new way of wearing pendants. It also shows how close you are to your grandmother. It gives a very vintage look. Even if you don’t have a grandmother’s pendant you can go to the market and buy something that has been worn in the past and has been famous and trendy back in the days. 

Wearing a beautiful modern dress with a high-quality antique piece. You will look as stunning as ever!


Styling with black

Black is one of the colors that you can style anything with. Every color goes with black. Even black on black is very trendy these days. You can match any color pendant with black. Any sterling silver 925 jewelry you wear with a black dress will just pop out and make the pendant look classic and prominent. 


Mix and match with different tops

Your wardrobe contains different types of tops and t-shirts that have different patterns. Let’s talk about plain tops. These tops can easily match anything. The best part is that you can wear a matching sterling silver 925 pendant with it. If you are wearing a pattern or shirt that has stripped. Then wear a pendant with contrast to the colors in the shirt. Sometimes you can layer your pendants if your outfit is simple. You can wear a three-tier chain with small pendants on each.  



Now that you know how to match and style yourself all you need to do is to upgrade your jewelry box with new sterling silver 925 pendants. This article guides you about the styles and clothes from office wear to casual that you can wear according to the occasion. It just adds a beautiful remarkable value to your outfit. Your jewelry indicates what you impersonate and what thoughts you believe in. If you worry about how to wear them, we have got it all in this article. 


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