Present How to clean Silver Necklaces

Are you worried that your jewelry is dirty and won’t be able to shine like it did when you first bought it? Are you concerned about how much your professional jeweler will charge you just to clean your old jewelry? If so, then don’t worry about it we have listed all the methods you will need to clean silver necklace perfectly. You might want to try some home remedies first to clean a silver necklace before going to a professional jeweler. When you see that your silver jewelry is being blocked by some soap, lotion or any other material.

That is the time you should start worrying about your precious jewelry and start thinking about giving it some love and attention.

How to clean Silver Necklaces

Here are a few of the steps that will help you to clean the silver necklace


Baking Soda


This method is the most common routine that one can follow while cleaning your silver necklace or any other silver jewelry that might need to be cleaned. All you need to do is first wash your silver necklace so that it is clean from any impurities on top of the jewelry. Then take a plate or dish and mix baking soda in slightly warm water to make a paste like a mixture. Rub your silver necklace with the paste you just made. After a few minutes of scrubbing and cleaning, you should be left with a clean silver necklace as you wanted. Moreover, there is another procedure with baking soda and additional items that you can follow.

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